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Packing Clinic 9-1-2012



Packing Clinic 2012

Thanks to Ty and Skye Evansof TS Mule Ranch and all the members of Skyline Mule Club who helped put on a very successful Packing Clinic. The clinic was held in Lake Shore Utah at Ty and Skye’s ranch. All participants came away with very favorable things to say about our Instructor Rick McCartney. Rick has been packing for over 30 years and was kind enough to share with us his packing tips, secrets and wealth of knowledge. One participant commented that it was well worth the entrance fee just to learn how to tie Rick’s quick release girth latigo. It was a hands on experience and so all got to try each of the packing styles and knots. TS Mules provided the mules so the participants could partner up and practice what they had learned. A dutch oven lunch was enjoyed by all. A big thanks to all of you who traveled so far to join us. For those of you who missed this opportunity we are planning on doing this again in the Spring, and so if there are any suggestions what you would like from the next clinic please email us your ideas. Until next time Happy Packing.